About Us

SWACOFF is a legally registered company in Uganda in accordance with the Companies’ Act. Reg. No. 43371.

The company is also licensed by the Uganda Investment Authority under license No. SSD/10885/44346 an accreditation to the company to boundlessly engage in the Real Estate development and management Business.

The company is situated on Jumbo Plaza, Level 3, Plot No. 2, Parliament Avenue Kampala. The company has future expansion plans to see it commission a commercial site just 2 kilometers from the city centre. The current location offers the desired level of leverage stemming from proximity to auxiliary services  like Financial Institutions, The Security Exchange, Administrative and judicial structures to facilitate business transactions between SWACOFF and its trade partners/clientele. The centrality of the location almost ensures proximity to a wide spectrum of clientele by virtue of population distribution in modern societies.  The capital city or the central business district also doubles as the most industrialized region.

The variety of city dwellers offer a unique opportunity for Swacoff to show case its flagship services and products, targeting right from low income earners through middle class to high end clients.

Corporate Vision

“To be at the forefront of a selection of high quality affordable services geared towards uplifting lives of first the Ugandan population and eventually the entire continent of Africa over the next Thirty (30) years by carefully forming efficient working relationships ready to inject resources, expertise, and effectively utilizing both forward and backward linkages to champion infrastructural growth”.

Mission Statement

“Transformation of individual internal strength in various fields into strong multinational links and partnerships ultimately to uplift the standards of living as a way of serving humanity”.


  • Pursuit of even, equitable growth and development through calculated infrastructural investments across a needy population.
  • Creation of avenues through which small and medium indigenous firms can access affordable sources of capital, technical support in various fields to act as a catalyst for grass-root development.
  • To develop and maintain the highest echelon of service of quality products to our clients by continuously being innovative.
  • Hiring human resources with the right attitude and ready to improve on the relevant skills that will enhance the value of all stakeholders.
  • To ignite the desire to have SWACOFF’s products and business opportunities by going an extra mile in drawing the deep and broad expertise in areas of construction and engineering, financial advisory services, innovation and consumer insight to enable us provide better answers to the challenges we may encounter.

Our Values

  • Integrity and Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Uniqueness in business approach

Market Focus

SWACOFF’s largest market segment in Kampala area will be business from medium to large corporations. These are the targeted beneficiaries of various technological amenities that our company offers. This grows by an average of 5% per year.

Competitive Edge

There are very few property and business agents that offer the same level of high quality and technological amenities like SWACOFF does. We also have a very high regard for customer service, a belief /virtue that is unrivalled within the industry. We strongly believe that a customer feels he or she should be treated with utmost care and urgency. All staff and personnel go through a training program that teaches many of the skills needed for successful client relation and customer service.
SWACOFF through its uniqueness offers a quiet safe and convenient location complete with on site amenities to a segment of business operations. The professional segment needs a working environment that separates them from the noisy dirty environment of the usual average set up.
The uniqueness of business partnership comes with leverage as outsourced capacity enhances in-bred capacity to take on gigantic projects. One such partnership is under the engineering section with an American based company AAE Systems, Inc. (Appendix I Profile).

Market Growth

The market for high quality, reasonably priced work units has been growing at a rate of 6.7% since 1996 according to the National Planning Authority.  There is a rapid growth rate of employment which directly fuels demand for office and business units, although the same demand is not matched by a proportionate increase in the number of units, and this is where we come in.