SWACOFF is a departmentalized with finance marketing, research and development, Engineering and construction. The company is headed by the Chairman/CEO Walungama Andrew Serunkuma Salongo, who is also a co-owner. The Ugandan branch is headed by the Country manager. The company will make all decisions according to the corporate mission at hand.
The management is a competent and result oriented team of over 70 Personnel spread over three continents.
The company headquarters are in Uganda where the country manager is responsible for overseeing the operations in the country. The company has a wealth of experience earned over a long period stretching over decades that have had business links and interests in transport, manufacturing and exports to Europe.

Company Ownership

Walungama Andrew Serunkuma Salongo is the majority shareholder with 80% of SWACOFF’s shares. He is a Ugandan citizen and a university graduate. He also wears two other huts as the company’s general manager for Europe and East Africa.  His leadership credentials stem from the experience in financial management and project planning that dates as far back as ten years.


Management Team

  • Mr. Walungama Andrew Serunkuma Salongo
  • Mr. Alex Avi Lankry
  • Dr Jumoke Oyedele
  • Mr. Cuboni Severino Giacomo
  • Mr. Sey Steve Savon
  • Mr. John Musungu.
  • Mr. MacDosman Kabega
  • Eng. Niwagaba Willy
  • Mr. Andrew Kasumba
  • Javaid Siddique
  • Jonathan Nsubuga
  • Kyaligonza Timothy
  • Eng. Cyrus Kibuuka
  • Mr. John Kaddu
  • Mr. Praviin Kekal
  • Mr. Sunil Kekal
  • Nabbosa Briana Walunga


  • Mr. Andrew S Walungama
  • Mr. Alex Avi Lankry
  • Dr Jumoke Oyedele
  • Mr. Cuboni Severino Giacomo
  • Mr. Sey Steve Savon
  • Nakiganda Prossy  Walungama
  • Kyaligonza Timothy
  • Mercy Mpunga Joseph.
  • Wasswa Boney Serunkuma.
  • DBIS
  • Kato Keith Kafumbe Paul.
  • Brianah Nabbossa.
  • Vicky Nalugya
  • Swacoff Inter-trade (U) Limited



Company Secretary:

  • MacDosman Kabega
    (of Tumisiime Kabega & Co. Advocates)

Legal Team:

  • MacDosman Kabega
    (of Tumisiime Kabega & Co. Advocates)

External Lawyers

  • Kaddu & Partners Advocates
  • Alex Chandia Advocates.
  • Bashasha & Co. Advocates
  • Akampumuza & Co. Advocates
  • Kwesigabo, Bamwine & Walubiri Advocates


Company auditors:

  • Gold Rock Partners

Company Architects:

  • J.E Nsubunga &  Associates Architects.
  • Jasper Kyomukama Infrastructure Design Forum Architects.


  • Prome Consultants Ltd
  • ELS International