SWACOFF INTERTRADE (U) LTD: Civil Engineering, Building Contractors and General Merchants...

SWACOFF is a legally registered company in Uganda in accordance with the Companies’ Act. Reg. No. 43371.

The company is also licensed by the Uganda Investment Authority under license No. SSD/10885/44346 an accreditation to the company to boundlessly engage in the Real Estate development and management Business.

The company is situated on Jumbo Plaza, Level 3, Plot No. 2, Parliament Avenue Kampala. The company has future expansion plans to see it commission a commercial site just 2 kilometers from the city centre. The current location offers the desired level of leverage stemming from proximity to auxiliary services  like Financial Institutions, The Security Exchange, Administrative and judicial structures to facilitate business transactions between SWACOFF and its trade partners/clientele. The centrality of the location almost ensures proximity to a wide spectrum of clientele by virtue of population distribution in modern societies.  The capital city or the central business district also doubles as the most industrialized region.