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With a background of a locally registered business enterprise, SWACOFF already has and is still offering a great deal particularly in the field of construction and engineering. The company deals in Land sales and leasing within prime areas surrounding the city as well as agricultural fields.

We have been involved in the construction of schools, commercial structures as well as private domestic projects that include housing units. SWACOFF’s strong overseas contacts have enabled the financial advisory and agency arm to be vibrant and will soon see the enterprise spread its tentacles first throughout the country and eventually across the continent.

We do run a couple of projects some directly owned by the company while others are owned and funded by individuals. Over the past two years we have completed school construction projects commissioning them as fully functional learning centers.
The establishment uses its strong international business links to facilitate and foster joint entrepreneurship partnerships and relationship in areas of operations and investment. This service is offered to a wide spectrum of investments but with the overall objective of growth and development of infrastructure within Africa.
In-house we boast of a professional team offering professional services to our esteemed clients and the general public at large.  The team includes Engineers, Financial/Investment experts, Architects, administrators, to mention but a few.

With a rather concise structure the SWACOFF establishment embraces operational efficiency through resource outsourcing to enhance profitability by way of cost minimization for any project run. The direct benefit of implementing the above method of work is you have the privilege of operating big without imposing a heavy burden on your internal resources. Subcontracting is a concept that allows us to manage business in the manner outlined.

The history of the country 25 years down the lane suggests that there is still great potential to tap into with full board exposure. The population has been on the rise by 16million people since then to date. The demand for the services by far exceeds the available services and players on the market. Its for this reason that the directors resolved to establish a liaison office wherever we set foot outside.

Corporate Principals

• Sustainability
• Innovation
• Comprehensiveness
• Cost-effectiveness
• Safety
• Customization
• Customer satisfaction


• Services Provided:
– Engineering
– Maintenance
– Planning
– Risk management
– Project/program management
– Construction
– Safety and quality management
– Procurement
– Logistics and possession planning
– Commissioning and handover
– Environmental impact assessments and studies

Transportation Capabilities

• Marine:
• Rail:
– Ports
– High speed
– Canals
– Public transit/light rail
– Harbors
– Freight
– Terminals
• Aviation:
– Airports
– Airfields
• Automotive:
– Roads
– Highways
– Bridges
– Tunnels


• Facilities:
• Services Provided
– Sewage
– Process development
– Industrial wastewater
– Design
– Water treatment
– Construction management
– Dams/dikes/reservoirs
– Startup and commissioning
– Hydro-electric plants
– Operations
– Water storage
– Engineering
– Regional groundwater supply
– Environmental impact assessments
– Hydropower facility and studies
– Stormwater management program
– Flood abatement plan
– In-stream flow assessment
– Ecosystem restoration plan

Innovation + Technology = Solutions