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Project Funding

SWACOFF has close ties with an International Asset Management Group, Licensed to provide International Asset Management, Private Wealth Management Strategies, Investment Banking and Investment Advisory including Private Equity Transactions to Corporations, Institutions or Government Agencies.

We continuously work with a worldwide strategic network of Industrial Partners and Leading Institutions (e.g. in Europe, China, Asia and Africa).

To work with SWACOFF first you must “Apply” (form attached below), for your application to be processed it must be accompanied by a completed “KYC Form” (also attached below):

All applications are administered through our Singapore Office, one of our friendly staff will be in touch shortly after you lodge all completed documents.

Please submit all completed documents to:

What We Do With Your Information:

  1. Initial KYC checks will involve identifying and verifying you the customer/client and screening against PEP, SIP, RCA and Sanction lists. But that is not the end of the process. In order to comply with regulations, we must also continue to monitor all of our customers/clients for any changes that may occur in the future not just the past.
  2. Under the current money laundering regulations, we must perform Customer Due Diligence on all customers/clients to check you are who you say you are. If the risk of money laundering is high, for example, you are a PEP, we must carry out Enhanced Due Diligence in order to assess the potential increased risk that customer/client may pose to our business.
  3. While it is not illegal to work with a Politically Exposed Person(s) (PEPs) or those on a Sanctions list, these people can still pose a greater risk to our business, this is something our risk assessment team will analyse and make the final decision.
  4. SWACOFF’S Money Laundering Directive (MLD) is a framework designed to strengthen SWACOFF’S defenses against money laundering and terrorist financing. It requires all regulated businesses to verify the identity of their clients, monitor transactions and report anything suspicious.
  5. Regulations stipulate that any businesses that could be vulnerable to money laundering needs to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Regulated sectors include legal, accountancy, investment, insurance, property and finance.Failure to comply with AML laws and regulations has severe consequences, from warning letters and damaged reputations to fines, sanctioning and, in the most serious cases, criminal prosecution.
  6. SWACOFF also monitors for Fraudulent transactions or behaviors on a daily basis, SWACOFF has a zero tolerance to any illegal behavior, all illegal behavior will be recorded then reported to the authorities without exception.