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The HUT Business & Leisure Resort

The HUT Business & Leisure Resort is a multi-functional resorted located in the KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. The business and leisure resort has been designed to quench the needs of corporate business, travelers, vacationers, tourists, and leisure seeking persons.
Designed and planned under the brand, The HUT, (adopted from the ancient Zulu architecture, the HUT being the formal ancient house of the Zulu Culture), this project is intended to house the following facilities.

The HUT 7-star Hotel & Villas

This will be one of a kind hotel within the Kwazulu Natal Province and in South Africa in general. It is intended to tap into the luxury hotel market serving South Africa and Durban city.

Given that South Africa is a hub for business and leisure travelers for Africa and the world at large, this 7-star hotel is deemed to be a brand and facility to be associated to.

The HUT Shopping City

This will be an excessively big area that houses shopping malls and luxury brand displays and launch pads. The Shopping City will offer a unique shopping experience i.e. good ambiance for shoppers and vendors alike. It should be noted that the Shopping City architectural designs are dictated by the Zulu Culture.

The city will have buildings that mix both Zulu and Modern Architecture. Given the population of the Kwazulu Natal province, it is expected that very many shoppers will flock The HUT Shopping City.

The HUT Corporate Business Park

It is clear that the Kwazulu Natal Province is a very productive area producing a variety of agricultural products and factory brands. It is expected that the economy of the province is deemed for better performance. This will in turn be matched by the HUT Corporate Business Park.

This business park will offer superior amenities for office and business management tools. with modern office and business facilities available at this business park, it is expected that many international companies and local South African Companies will be attracted to the park

The HUT Convention Centre

With South Africa being the preferred destination to host many conventions, both Public and Private, the HUT Convention Centre is planed to serve the ever increasing need of conference, retreat and training needs of the African continent.

The HUT convention centre has facilities to host the biggest connections on the African and world market. It is to be equipped with modern technology and accommodation facilities that fit a variety conference an training needs.

The HUT Art Gallery & Town Market

Africa is well known for a rich and variety full Art.
The Art Gallery is intended to be the in place on the African Continent to have Artists display and sell their art. The HUT Art Gallery will be used as a launch pad for various artist on the African continent. This will be the place were the world meets African Art.

This will attract very many foreign art lovers into South Africa. Distant form the Art Gallery is a Town Market platform which will be used by locals to sell off their small home belongings. This will integrate the locals into the HUT Business & Leisure Resort

The HUT Fun City

South Africa is a known destination for fun. That narrative should not be changed. The HUT Fun City will be designed to fun to a wide range of clientele through offering, Casinos, Cinemas, Night Clubs, Hotels and Beaches. Fun City is expected to engage its clientele all day offering a variety of entertainment and fun.

The HUT Amusement Park

This park is geared to offer amusement to a variety of clientele ranging from children to teenagers and adults. The Amusement park will be situated on expansive lands. Wildlife and modern amusements meet in the HUT Amusement Park.

This facility is expected to have world class amusement activities and amenities. It will offer amusement in different forms that will be attractive to a wide range of people.

The Golf Club

Golf is a game that is associated with high class and corporates. The HUT Business & Leisure Resort has planned to have very many corporates and high-class individuals whose golf needs cannot go unattended. The Golf Club is to have 18 holes with a challenging terrain. This will attract various golfer far and wide.

The Polo Club

Polo is also a sport for the rich and famous. The business and leisure resort is positioning itself to offer ground and facilities to the ever growing polo lovers and players. The Polo Club will have various amenities that will be used for horse maintenance and training. It will also house facilities that will be used for training different polo players.

Aquarium & Marine Sanctuary

North Coast Of Durban is now one of the primest if not one the primest part of South Africa. With all the new developments that are envisaged for the area entertainment seems to have eluded all investors that are developing that area. The area has natural beauty and the aquarium & dolphinarium are some of the most fitting entertainment ideas for this area.
The HUT Business & Leisure Resort has all the above facilities situated on a 365Ha piece of land located in the KwaZulu Natal Province within South Africa.